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Plan a Herb Garden (April 2018)


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One Day Course – Cost £50  Deposit £25

Saturday 14th April 2018

  • During the day you will be introduced to a variety of herbs used in Western Herbal Medicine.We will look at the herb garden at the Centre and offer help for you to devleop your own herb garden.
  • We will be learning to recognise the different plants and develop an understanding of their key properties and how to use them medicinally while considering safe, sustainable and ethical sourcing of herbal medicines and plants.
  • You will be given the chance to sample and take home some traditional herbal remedies.
  • There will be a second course on 15-16 September when we will visit the herb garden, learn more about the herbs and remedies, explore deeper into the philosophy behind their use and make some remedies.
  • The course tutor is Cassie Sherriff, a medical herbalist practising in North Wales –





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