Bushcraft – Camp Cooking (September 2018)


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Two Day Course – Cost £140  Deposit £70

Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th September 2018

A two day feast for the culinary senses.

Learn how a few simple techniques and traditional skills and turn your tomato soup and toast into a smorgasbord of freshly baked breads, wild game stews, smoked meats and fish, and seasonal delicacies such as elderflower in tempura batter.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Make fire using a range of natural materials and techniques.
  • Manage a fire to suit a range of different cooking techniques.
  • Build a smoker and learn how to prepare and smoke meat or fish.
  • Bake a variety of bread over an open fire.
  • Make pot hangers and develop their camp craft skills.
  • Use what nature offers us to give food flavor and character.


At Wilderness Edge Bushcraft we believe that food and cooking is perhaps the most important and enjoyable aspect of bushcraft and of any outdoor experience.

Attend this course and your camping trips and BBQ’s will never be the same again!


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