Bushcraft through the Seasons – Spring (March 2023)


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Two Day Course – Cost £170  Deposit £85

Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th March 2023

A two day seasonal Bushcraft Exploration – Spring 2023

Due to the ever changing seasons no visit to the woods is quite the same.
This year we have chosen key times in each season to run our Bushcraft courses.
Each course will make full use of the seasonal food and crafting resources available.
Course content will include seasonal wild food and medicinal plants, natural fire lighting techniques, wood carving, natural cordage, tracking and navigation techniques.
Please also see our other Bushcraft Exploration courses:
Summer – 17th – 18th June 2023
Autumn – 23rd – 24th September 2023
Your tutor will be Bushcraft expert Matt McIntyre.





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