Grey Squirrel Control (March 2022)


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Wednesday 23rd March 2022

The bark completely removed from an oak tree by squirrels

The bark completely removed from an oak tree by squirrels

The biggest threat to the British woodland is the grey squirrel.
This non-native strips bark off broadleaf and some coniferous trees between the months of April and July.
The damage leaves a woodland of damaged, unsightly trees, reduces the quality of timber and craft wood, and in the worst case will kill the tree.
Squirrels also predate and compete with native mammals and birds.
Therefore, annual grey squirrel control should be a part of good woodland management to fulfil all management objectives from quality timber to conservation.
Find out how to achieve this with David Brown, owner of the award winning Bron Haul woodland (Royal Forestry Society – Excellence in Forestry Awards Gold Medal 2015, Royal Welsh Agricultural Show – Gold Medals 2016).
He is an expert in controlling grey squirrels using multi-catch live traps, and will discuss the practicalities of squirrel control including methods of dispatch.
There will be chance to purchase the traps that you will then know how to use.
This course will be run at the Bron Haul woodland near Abergele.




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