Make a Traditional Longbow (May 2019)


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Two Day Course – Cost £150 Deposit £75

Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th May 2019

Learn how to shape and manipulate coppice wood into one of the most important weapons in British history.
Using Cumbrian Ash, you will learn how to select and train a piece of wood into a working longbow, learn how to make a bow string and maybe even an arrow too.
Tutor Tony Saunders lives in the South Lakes where he manages a local nature reserve and has a woodland workshop.
He is a multi-award winning conservationist and green wood worker with ten years of experience.
Please note:  This can be an intensive course on the first day and can be stressful due to there being no guarantee that the bow won’t break. However Tony will do his best not to let this happen and will be making one alongside the students just in case.


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