Weaving on a Peg Loom (July 2019)


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One Day Course – Cost £50 Deposit £30

Saturday 6th July 2019

Upcycle your old clothing and household textiles.

Tutor Jenny Pritchard is one of our regular tutors with a wealth of experience. Come and join Jenny for a craft day with a difference.

“In an effort to reduce my contribution to landfill, I rarely throw anything away and most things get reused, composted or made into something else.
Using beautifully made, low tech, wooden peg looms, we will be weaving our worn out clothes and household textiles into colourful and useful small rugs or seat pads. A child’s outgrown clothing could be used to make a “memory” rug.
Not only is “upcycling” beneficial to the environment, it is also great fun!
You will learn how to warp a peg loom, how to prepare and use weft in weaving and how to finish your project.
Join us on a day of weaving, bring your old sheets, towels, clothing or any other unwanted textiles and turn them into something different. The more colours, the better!
You will need to bring:
Approx 600 gm of washed unwanted clothing or household textiles (if you haven’t got enough, don’t worry, I will have material available on the day at a small cost)
Good scissors for cutting fabric, if you have them, but not your best fabric scissors!. If not, don’t worry, I have some.”




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