Social Forestry / Social Prescribing OCN Level 3 Accredited (September 2020)


This course is currently under review and will be launched under a new format in 2021.

Social Forestry / Social Prescribing is now widely accepted by Health Care professionals as a valuable way to deal with many social issues and physical and mental health problems.

Social Prescribing can refer people to a wide range of different programmes.
This level 3 course looks at the programmes which can be delivered in natural settings such as woodland, country parks, gardens, community spaces and coastal locations, all of which can be described as Wellbeing through Nature.
Our site is mainly woodland and so we will look at how the general principles of Wellbeing through Nature  can be applied to a woodland setting but will also explore how these principles can be applied to a range of natural settings.
The course will support people who are already leading social prescribing programmes or who wish to do so.
Woodland Skills Centre is an award-winning Social Enterprise with a well- established and wide-ranging social prescribing programme.
The course will be delivered by staff from the Centre and by Susan Collini who runs Social Forestry, Forest School and Mindfulness sessions in East Northants for the Social Enterprise ‘Outdoor Tribe’.The level 3 OCN in Social Forestry is accredited by OCNWM and is one of the leading training programmes specialising on the benefits of woodlands to promote human wellbeing.





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