I have now attended three courses at the Woodland Skills Centre and I have to say, every one has been excellent.
I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I have spent at the centre. The staff and turors provide a warm, friendly environment and they have a wealth of knowledge, that is so eagerly and generously passed on.
The tutors clearly explain the course content , breaking things down into manageable pieces and making everything understandable, regardless of your previous experience.
The great thing is that you not only come away from the course with the item you’re there to make, but you come away with a wealth of knowledge that you can put into practice on you own projects. I have been amazed at the quality of the items I’ve been able to make on the courses, despite, at times, having no prior experience.
The courses are suitable for beginners and those looking to pick up new tips or improve their existing skills. There is always more to learn and I would attend every course if I could!
E.  – February 2022