January 14th-15thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a three-legged Stool160Book now
January 28th-29thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Rustic Chair170Book now
February 11thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Shave-horse100Book now
February 12thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Rustic Stool70Book now
February 18thWoodland & Countryside ManagementManaging a Small Woodland60Book now
February 18thWoodland & Countryside ManagementPruning and Grafting Fruit Trees70Book now
February 19thWoodland & Countryside ManagementPractical Woodland Tasks60Book now
February 25th-26thWoodland & Countryside ManagementHedge-Laying150Book now
February 25th-26thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsCoppice Crafts160Book now
March 4thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsGypsy Crafts 1150Book now
March 4th-5thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a pole lathe200Book now
March 5thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsGypsy Crafts 270Book now
March 11thTraditional CraftsUse a Pole Lathe70Book now
March 11th-12thBasket Making and Willow WorkIntroduction to Basket Making160Book now
March 11th-12thTraditional CraftsMake a Bushcraft Knife220Book now
March 18th-19thWoodland & Countryside ManagementHome Chainsaw160Book now
March 18th-19thBasket Making and Willow WorkSplit Hazel Basket170Book now
March 25th-26thBasket Making and Willow WorkSussex Trug160Book Now
March 25th-26thBushcraftBushcraft-Spring170Book Now
April 1st-2ndGreenwood & Coppice CraftsCleft Wood Hurdle160Book Now
April 2ndBasket Making and Willow WorkMake a Willow Plant Support70Book Now
April 15thFamily HolidayFamily Day in the Woods50/10Book Now
April 15th-16thBasket Making and Willow WorkIntroduction to Basket Making160Book Now
April 22ndTraditional CraftsPlan a Herb Garden70Book Now
April 22ndGreenwood and Coppice CraftsRake Making70Book Now
April 22ndOpen DayOpen Day
April 29th-30thTraditional CraftsBee-Keeping160Book Now
April 29th-May 1stGreenwood and Coppice CraftsMake a Post and Rung Stool200Book Now
May 13th-14thBasket Making & Willow WorkWeaving Wild- Spring160Book Now
May 13th-14thTraditional CraftsForge a Sloyd Knife220Book Now
May 15th-19thOther Traditional CraftsTimber Frame Building400Book Now
May 21stWoodland and Countryside ManagementKnow your Trees60Book Now
May 21st-22ndGreenWood and Coppice CraftsMake a Rustic Chair170Book Now
May 27th-28thGreenwood and Coppice CraftsSpoon Carving160Book Now
June 3rd-4thBasket Making & Willow WorkAdvanced Basket Making160Book Now
June 3rd-4thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Traditional Shave-Horse170Book Now
June 10th-11thBasket Making & Willow WorkWillow Animal Sculptures170Book Now
June 17thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Shave-Horse100Book Now
June 17th-18thBushcraftBushcraft through the seasons- Summer170Book Now
June 24th-25thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsBowl Turning on a Pole Lathe170Book Now
June 24th-25thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Bushcraft Knife220Book Now

July 1stTraditional CraftsSharpening Edge Tools70Book Now
July 1st-2ndBasket Making & Willow WorkWeaving Wild- Summer160Book Now
July 8thWoodland and Countryside ManagementKnow Your Trees150Book Now

July 15th-16thBasket Making & Willow WorkBasket Making160Book Now
July 21st-23rdBushcraftAdvanced Bushcraft250Book Now
July 29thWoodland HolidaysFamily Day in the Woods50/10Book Now
July 29th-30thTraditional CraftsGrowing and Using Medicinal Herbs150Book Now
August 5thTraditional CraftsFan Bird70Book Now
August 5th-6thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a 3 Legged-Stool160Book Now

August 6thWoodland and Countryside ManagementScything70Book Now
August 14th-18thWoodland HolidaysFamily Week in the Woods180/40Book Now
August 21st-25thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsCoppice and Greenwood Week350Book Now

September 2nd-3rdWoodland HolidaysFamily Weekend in the Woods100/20Book Now

September 9th-10thBasket Making and Willow WorkAdvanced Basket Making160Book Now
September 9th-10thBasket Making and Willow WorkWillow Animal Sculpture170Book Now
September 16th-17thBasket Making and Willow WorkWeaving Wild- Autumn160Book Now
September 16th-17thBasket Making & Willow WorkSussex Trugs160Book Now
September 23rd-24thWoodland and Countryside ManagementHome Chainsaw160Book Now
September 23rd-24thBushcraftBushcraft Through the Seasons- Autumn170Book Now

September 30thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Shave Horse100Book Now
September 30th-October 1stGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Bushcraft Knife220Book Now
October 1stGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Rustic Stool70Book Now
October 1stTraditional CraftsApple Day10Book Now
October 7thTraditional CraftsApple Day10Book Now
October 7th-8thBasket Making & Willow WorkWelsh Frame Basket180Book Now
October 8thWoodland and Countryside ManagementGrowing Trees From Seed60Book Now
October 14thTraditional CraftsRush Hat70Book Now
October 14th-15thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Pole-Lathe200Book Now
October 15thBasket Making & Willow WorkRush Baskets70Book Now
October 21stTraditional CraftsSharpening Edge Tools70Book Now
October 21st-22ndWoodland and Countryside ManagementHedge Laying150Book Now
October 21st-22ndBasket Making & Willow WorkAsh Splint Basket160Book Now
October 28th-29thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsCoppice Crafts160Book Now
November 4thTraditional CraftsBird Nest Boxes80Book Now
November 4th-5thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsRustic Chair170Book Now

November 5thTraditional CraftsBird Feeder70Book Now
November 11thWoodland & Countryside ManagementManaging a Small Woodland60Book Now
November 11thTraditional CraftsUse a Pole-Lathe70Book Now
November 12thWoodland & Countryside ManagementPractical Woodland Tasks60Book Now
November 25thTraditional CraftsRush Bags70Book Now
November 26thTraditional CraftsChristmas Crafts40/20Book Now
December 2ndTraditional CraftsChristmas Crafts40/20Book Now
December 2nd-3rdBasket Making & Willow WorkWeaving Wild- Winter160Book Now