January 27th-28thMake a Rustic ChairGreenwood & Coppice Crafts170Book now
February 10thMake a Rustic StoolGreenwood & Coppice Crafts85Book now
February 11thMake a Shave-horseGreenwood & Coppice Crafts115Book now
February 17th-18thCoppice CraftsGreenwood & Coppice Crafts150Book now
February 17th-18thWeaving Wild- WinterBasket Making & Willow Work160Book Now
February 24th-25thMake a Bushcraft KnifeTraditional Crafts230Book now
February 24th-25thHedge-LayingWoodland & Countryside Management160Book now
March 2nd-3rdMake a Pole LatheGreenwood & Coppice Crafts250Book now
March 9thPruning and Grafting Fruit TreesWoodland & Countryside Management60Book now
March 9thGypsy Crafts 1Greenwood & Coppice Crafts75Book now
March10thGypsy Crafts 2Greenwood & Coppice Crafts75Book now
March 16th-17thHome ChainsawWoodland & Countryside Management180Book now
March 16th-17thBushcraft-SpringBushcraft180Book Now
March 23rdFelt AnimalsTraditional Crafts70Book now
March 23rd-24thMake a 3 Legged-StoolGreenwood & Coppice Crafts180Book Now

March 24thFamily Day in the WoodsFamily Holiday50/10Book Now