January 11MindfulnessMindfulness in Nature Eight-week course240Book now
January 15Greenwood CraftsMake a Rustic Stool60Book now
January 16MindfulnessMindful Woodland Wander10Book now
January 29thGreenwood CraftsMake a Shave-horse90Book now
February 6thMindfulnessMindful Woodland Wander10Book now
February 12th-13thTraditional CraftsMake a Bushcraft Knife180Book now
February 12th-13thGreenwood CraftsCoppice Crafts150Book now
February 19thWoodland & Countryside ManagementPruning and Grafting Fruit Trees60Book now
February 19th-20thGreenwood CraftsMake a three-legged Stool160Book now
February 19th Woodland & Countryside ManagementManaging a Small Woodland60Book now
February 20thWoodland & Countryside ManagementPractical Woodland Tasks60Book now
February 26th-27thWoodland & Countryside ManagementHedge-laying150Book now
February 26th-27thGreenwood CraftsRustic Chair180Book now
March 5th-6thGreenwood CraftsMake a traditional Shave-horse140Book now
March 5th-6thWoodland & Countryside ManagementHome Chainsaw160Book now
March 13thMindfulnessMindful Woodland Wander15Book Now
March 12th-13thGreenwood CraftsMake a Pole-lathe180Book Now
March 19thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Shave-horse90Book Now
March 20thTraditional CraftsUse a Pole-lathe60Book Now
March 19th-20thBasket MakingSussex Trugs150Book Now
March 21st-25thTraditional CraftsTimber-frame Building380Book Now
March 23rdWoodland & Countryside ManagementGrey Squirrel Control60Book Now
March 26th-27thBushcraftBushcraft through the Seasons- Spring150Book Now
March 27thTraditional CraftsSharpening Edge Tools60Book Now
March 27thBasket Making & Willow WorkWillow Plant Support60Book Now
April 2nd-3rdFamily HolidaysFamily Weekend in the Woods100/20Book Now
April 9th-10thBasket Making & Willow WorkIntroduction to Basket Making160Book Now
April 9th-10thTraditional CraftsCleft Wood Hurdles150Book Now
April 23rd-24thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsBowl Turning160Book Now
April 23rdLive in the WoodsJackson Williams12.50Book Now
April 23rdFamily HolidaysFamily Day in the Woods50/10Book Now
April 24thTraditional CraftsFitting new handles- axes and billhooks60Book Now
April 30thTraditional Crafts Planning a new Herb Garden60Book Now
April 30th-May 2ndGreenwood & Coppice CraftsPost and Rung Stool200Book Now
April 30thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsGypsy Crafts 160Book Now
May 1stGreenwood & Coppice CraftsGypsy Crafts 260Book Now
May 7th-8thTraditional CraftsIntroduction to Beekeeping150Book Now
May 7th-8thBasket Making & Willow WorkSplit Hazel Basket160Book Now

May 7th-8thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsRustic Chair180Book Now
May 8thMindfulnessMindful Woodland Wander15Book Now

May 10thTraditional CraftsMaking Charcoal50Book Now
May 14th-15thTraditional Crafts Weaving Wild160Book Now
May 14th-15thTraditional CraftsSpoon Carving130Book Now
May 21st-22ndTraditional CraftsMake a Whittling Knife180Book Now
May 21st-22ndBasket Making & Willow WorkIntroduction to Basket Making160Book Now
May 27thLive in the WoodsDaria Kulesh & Tristan Seume12.50Book Now

May 28thTraditional CraftsUse a Pole-lathe60Book Now
May 28th-29thBasket MakingSussex Trugs150Book Now
June 4thTraditional CraftsMake a Hay Rake60Book Now

June 17thLive in the WoodsIvan Campo12.50Book Now

June 18th-19thBushcraftBushcraft through the Seasons - Summer150Book Now
June 18thWoodland & Countryside ManagementKnow your Trees50Book Now
June 18th-19thWillow WorkWillow Animal Sculpture150Book Now
June 25th-26thBasket Making & Willow WorkAdvanced Basket Making160Book Now
June 25th-26thFamily HolidaysFamily Weekend in the Woods100/20Book Now
July 2ndLive in the WoodsLittle Sparrow12.50Book Now

July 3rdMindfulnessMindful Woodland Wander15Book Now
July 2nd-3rdTraditional CraftsSave the Bees150Book Now
July 2nd-3rdGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a three-legged Stool160Book Now
July 9thWoodland & Countryside ManagementKnow your Trees50Book Now
July 9th-10thTraditional CraftsWeaving Wild160Book Now
July 16th-17thBasket Making & Willow WorkIntroduction to Basket Making160Book Now
July 30thLive in the WoodsJohn Williams & Penni Neale12.50Book Now
July 30thTraditional CraftsScything60Book Now
July 30th-31stTraditional CraftsGrowing and Using Medicinal Herbs140Book Now
July 31stTraditional CraftsFan Birds60Book Now
August 6th-7thBasket Making & Willow WorkAdvanced Basket Making160Book Now
August 8th-12thFamily HolidaysFamily Week in the Woods180/40Book Now
August 20thLive in the WoodsLes Barker12.50Book Now
August 21stMindfulnessMindful Woodland Wander15Book Now

August 21stTraditional CraftsFitting new handles - chisels and draw-knives60Book Now
September 3rdGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Rustic Stool60Book Now
September 4thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Shave-horse90Book Now
September 10th-11thBasket MakingAsh Splint Basket130Book Now
September 10th-11thBushcraftBushcraft through the Seasons - Autumn150Book Now
September 17th-18thTraditional CraftsWeaving Wild160Book Now
September 17th-18thWillow WorkWillow Animal Sculpture150Book Now
September 24thLive in the WoodsIgloo Hearts12.50Book Now

September 24thFamily HolidaysFamily Day in the Woods50/10Book Now
September 24th-25thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsMake a Pole-lathe180Book Now
October 1stTraditional CraftsRush Hats65Book Now
October 1stTraditional CraftsApple Day10Book Now
October 2ndBasket MakingRush Baskets65Book Now
October 2ndTraditional CraftsApple Day10Book Now
October 8th-9thWoodland & Countryside ManagementHome Chainsaw160Book Now
October 8th-9thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsRustic Chair180Book Now
October 15thWoodland & Countryside ManagementGrowing Trees from Seed60Book Now
October 22ndWoodland & Countryside ManagementManaging a Small Woodland60Book Now
October 23rdWoodland & Countryside ManagementPractical Woodland Tasks60Book Now
October 22nd-23rdGreenwood & Coppice CraftsBowl Turning160Book Now
October 29thWoodland & Countryside ManagementHedge-laying150Book Now
November 5th-6thGreenwood & Coppice CraftsCoppice Crafts150Book Now
November 12thTraditional CraftsRush Hats65Book Now
November 12thTraditional CraftsEdge Tool Sharpening60Book Now
November 13thBasket MakingRush Bag65Book Now
November 13thWoodland & Countryside ManagementBird Feeders60Book Now
November 19th-20thTraditional CraftsWeaving Wild160Book Now
November 26thTraditional CraftsChristmas Crafts40/20Book Now

December 3rdTraditional CraftsChristmas Crafts40/20Book Now