Community Support Programmes

We have a 50 acre site with woodland, meeting rooms (fully heated, disabled access, w.c., kitchen etc), workshops, polytunnels, tree nursery, orchards, allotments, herb garden, small farm, market garden. We run a variety of programmes both with groups and with individuals. The range of activities we can offer is large and includes :

-Woodland Woodland management, tree planting, construction of paths, steps and benches.

-Wildlife Wildlife recording, habitat creation and habitat management.

Workshops– We make products for people to take home, for local charities and schools and also for sale at the Centre. This includes nest and bat boxes, hedgehog homes, benches, picnic tables, planters, hazel hurdles.

Polytunnels– We grow wildflowers for Denbighshire County Council and herbs and other plants for sale.

Orchard– We manage the orchard and the apples are used for juice and cooking and are given away to people at the Centre.

Allotments– We grow fruit and vegetables for people to use in our kitchen and also to take home.

Tree nursery– We grow trees from seed to plant out in our woodland and also for local organisations.

Farm– We have a small farm which at the moment has poultry but we will have pigs again soon. We are also establishing a market garden to grow fruit and vegetables for sale locally.

Indoors– We offer a range of art and craft activities.

The emphasis is always on the wellbeing of the participants to make sure that they enjoy being here and working with other people. We are able to adjust the programme to meet the needs of participants so that the activities are enjoyable and productive.

The Centre is run by Warren Woods Ltd, a not-for-profit, community-owned Social Enterprise Company. The land we use is owned by a Family Trust and dedicated to environmental, social and community benefit.
We welcome enquiries about our programmes and are always happy for people to visit to see at first hand what we do.

Rod Waterfield
Woodland Skills Centre