Image Transfer and Machine Stitch course (March 2019)


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Image Transfer and Machine Stitch

One Day Course – Cost £50  Deposit £25

Saturday 30th March 2019

In this workshop we will be experimenting with free hand machine embroidery over -Image Transfer and Mono Print.
Using different materials and fabric we will be able to create texture and detail. Our finished art work will be able to be turned into a unique piece of personal textile work that can be used as a broach or a greeting card or maybe stitched to a bag etc.
The tutor will provide all equipment and materials to work with but you may want to work on your own personal theme. If so, please bring with you any images you may want to use. There are 2 ways of preparing your images for the 2 techniques we will be using –
  • Technique 1 – Image Transfer – Get a photograph and take a photocopy of the image. Please do not use an ink jet printer to print your image. Your image must be a photocopied image from a laser jet printer (Any photocopy machines at a stationers or printers should be laser jet). It can be colour or black and white.
  • Technique 2 – Mono Print – an image from a magazine or photocopy
You are welcome to bring with you any coloured fabrics, threads, ribbons or embellishments that you may want to add to your work. Please bring a few images to inform and inspire your work. These can be based on landscape, nature, animals etc. We will be able to take ideas from your images and re produce these in our textile pieces.
Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch.
Workshop session 10am – 4pm



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