Bowl Turning on a Pole-Lathe (June 2024)


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Two Day Course – Cost £200   Deposit £100

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd June 2024

Learn to turn bowls the really old fashioned way and enjoy the fulfilment of  producing this most fundamental possession from raw materials.
This craft dates back to the Iron Age and possibly earlier.
Using traditional hook tools and a foot powered lathe you’ll learn to produce a bowl using techniques that date back hundreds of years.
Working with Doug Don, a local green woodworker, you’ll start with a log and through the use of traditional tools and processes you’ll cleave, chop and carve a blank till you can mount it on the lathe and then using only the power of your body you’ll turn that blank into a bowl.
In a small group you’ll learn about the different kinds of timber you can use, the lathe and the tools you need and a little bit of the history behind this amazing craft. You should leave the weekend with at least one bowl and all the knowledge you need to start turning bowls for yourself.
 This can be a demanding course due to the weight of the bowl blank and the need to keep it spinning. We take plenty of breaks and there are lots of stops to talk about the turning but a basic level of fitness is needed.
If you book through the website please pay the full cost if possible. If you wish
to just pay the deposit then the balance must be paid by 4 weeks before the
course date.


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