Edge Tool Sharpening (November 2024)


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One Day Course – Cost £75  Deposit £40

Saturday 23rd November 2024

Sharpening is probably one of the most under-appreciated skills in all crafts yet it’s one of the most important things you can possibly learn.
If you are into Bushcraft, Green Woodwork or more general Coppice crafts, sharp tools are a must.
We’ve all heard that a sharp knife is a safe knife and this goes for all tools that have an edge.
A sharp edge means that you need to apply less pressure and you can make a more controlled cut.
In this course we will cover the basics of sharpening theory and the different kinds of stones and machines that you can use to get a sharp edge on your tools.
We will also look at some of your tools and see how to sharpen them and have a chance to practise your skills on tools that you need for your craft.
We ask you to bring three tools with you that you use on a regular basis. If you bring a variety of tool shapes and types of grind, that will give you the best experience.  We can easily provide tools to sharpen if you don’t have your own.
Please bring along whatever you currently use to sharpen your tools so we can discuss options and the care of your sharpening equipment.
This course does not cover saw sharpening. This is a very different skill and cannot be covered within this course.
Your tutor will be Doug Don.

If you book through the website please pay the full cost if possible. If you wish
to just pay the deposit then the balance must be paid by 4 weeks before the
course date.


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