Make Your Own Deckchair (May 2020)


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Two Day Course – Cost £150 Deposit £75

Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th May 2020

This is a new course that we have been wanting to run for some time!
 On Day 1 you will work with professional illustrator and print-maker Tara Dean ( to create your unique canvas deckchair seat. You will be helped to make your own drawings using inspiration from the natural landscape, convert them into a pattern, make the stencils and screen print 1.5 metres of deckchair canvas with a repeating pattern. There may be time to overprint with a second colour. You will also be given a plain calico bag which you can print with your design to make a bag to match your deckchair.
 On Day 2 you will make the deckchair frame using furniture grade birch, smooth off the edges and fix your printed canvas.
 You will take home your very own unique chair – a work of art, a useful piece of furniture to use in the garden or on holiday and a future cherished masterpiece to be passed on.





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